The Village of Fine Creek

National Register

Soon after the opening of our Inn and Fine Creek Brewing Company, the village of Fine Creek will be celebrating its 300th birthday. The land on which the Mill currently sits was part of a tract of land granted to President Thomas Jefferson’s grandfather sometime in 1718. The heart of the village was the granite grist mill, constructed in the early 1730’s. Not only did the grist mill serve to grind wheat and corn into flour, it served as a gathering place for the residents of the farms and homes in the surrounding area.


Soon, other buildings and businesses began sprouting up around the Mill. These included a cooper’s shop (for barrel making), miller’s cottage, ticket house for a James River ferry crossing, cheese-making kitchen, general store, manor house, bridge, school, and various other buildings. Before long, the village of Fine Creek flourished as a commercial and social center for the area.


Where possible, we have tried to preserve these buildings to not only safeguard our shared history but to celebrate the spirit of the village of Fine Creek. On this very spot, for nearly 300 years, people have gathered to socialize, exchange ideas, and celebrate events. We preserved the granite mill to celebrate the tens of thousands of man-hours spent mining, shaping, and lifting granite so that food could be made for surrounding families. We saved the ticket house so it could act as a constant reminder that people didn’t always travel as effortlessly and comfortably as they do now.

General Store 6

Genearl Store 1

And so now, we take this opportunity to preserve another piece of Fine Creek history: the general store. This general store, where days were spent conducting business and socializing, will once again be turned into a gathering space. The general store will serve as guest registration for the inn and will house artisan and locally-made food and wine for guests and passersby. To further commemorate the history of the Store, we will be preserving and restoring the original store counter and pine flooring, both worn by years of use.

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General Store 12

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General Store 13

General Store 5

By the time the village of Fine Creek celebrates its 300th birthday, the area will again bustle with activity and ring with laughter. We look forward to seeing couples and friends socializing over pints of beer at the Brewery, locals stopping by the General Store to buy food, wine, and gifts, and most of all, families and friends witnessing and celebrating marriages!