With the weather cooperating, construction has progressed nicely on all the cottages here at The Mill.  Contractors have finished the Hardie Board siding on all 13, while the roofers are on their final one!  Most of the utilities have been laid and the site is ready for final grading coming in the next couple weeks.  Inside, drywall has been hung with taping and mudding finished in a few.  The first of the tile has been laid in the bathrooms while some shiplap interior siding has been installed.  Heat is on (although we hardly need it this week!) in about half of the cottages with their ultra efficient Mitsubishi heat pumps.

We’ve met with the painters who should be starting this week, which will really begin to transform the place.  After final grading comes the huge task of planting the 30+ trees on their way from Bremo Trees tomorrow!

Things are about to pick up even more around here with The Mill’s first event this Friday (as if they weren’t busy enough already!)  Keep checking back as the cottages take shape!

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