One benefit to my poor posting frequency is the big changes we all get to see when I finally do! A lot has happened in the past month in terms of progress on the cottages.  Exteriors of each have been finished with painters over halfway through them.  We’ve been planting trees and spreading mulch for weeks after the final grading was done on the site and walkways were cut in.  The general store has begun to be furnished while lights are being hung.  Tilers have almost finished every one while carpenters are flying through the interior trim work.  Most of the wood floors are down and staining has already started.  Furniture is all in storage and ready to make their way in as soon as painters finish up.  We started taking bookings from April 13th forward so the pressure is on!

In the meantime Sarah and Lisa are finalizing the breakfast menu items, final purchases are being made for the general store, while Rosalie, Melissa and Polly are wrapping up room details.  All this while Colleen, Stephanie, Mark Henry and the rest of the team are continuing the execute beautiful weddings each weekend at The Mill!

Coming up next is running cable and internet to each, stocking the general store with merchandise, setting plumbing fixtures, finishing landscaping and installing lighting.  After that all we need to do is make the beds!

Keep checking back for updates and as soon as we finish each cottage we’ll be sure to post photos to our booking site to show how unique each cottage will be!

Cottage 1

Cottage 2

Cottage 3Cottage 4Cottage 5

Cottage 6

Cottage 7

Cottage 8

Cottage 9