As you all may have noticed, we’ve been rather hesitant to post too much about the construction of our cottages that we’re building across the street from The Mill.  The reason for this was that up until recently, there hasn’t been much to see but the mess of construction.  While the cottages are certainly a ways off from being finished, we finally feel like they’ve progressed to the point where our vision is starting to take shape.  You’ll no doubt still have to use your imagination to visualize the final product, but this will at least give everyone an idea of what to expect come March 2017, when we hope to have them all up and running.  For more information regarding the cottages, please click here.  Enjoy the photos, and please excuse the mess!

Cottages 1

Looking from the entrance of The Mill, across the street towards the general store and cottages.

Cottages 2

General store where cottage registration will take place, as well as breakfast and coffee in the morning.

Cottages 3

Looking East, up the hill towards what will be a large green space surrounded by all the cottages.

Cottages 4Cottages 5

Cottages 6

Each cottage has a unique floor plan, and even the 1-bedrooms are suite style and will have a living room separate to the bedroom.

Cottages 7Cottages 8

Cottages 9

Looking from the deck of Fine Creek Brewing down the hill towards the cottages.

Cottages 10

Overall layout of cottages relative to Fine Creek Brewing.