Common Questions For Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the venue for your wedding can be overwhelming. It seems like there are a million things to think about. Even if you’re lucky enough to have help from friends and family, you’re still in a constant state of uncertainty–trying not to forget anything!

Over the years, we’ve helped our guests host successful ceremonies and celebrations that they’ll remember forever. During that time, we’ve noticed that similar questions are asked year after year. Because we know every bit of preparedness helps, here’s a list of the most common questions we hear before the big day at The Mill:


Your event costs will play a major role in determining how you utilize the venue you choose. A common question people have when considering our venue and the costs:

Are there additional fees besides what’s on the price sheet (will we be surprised by fees that we didn’t expect, like cake cutting, bartenders, linens, etc.)?

No. All of our fees are clearly listed on a one page sheet. We do not have any hidden fees such as cake cutting fees, bartender fees, etc.

About the venue

The venue you choose has a large impact on the style and feel of your wedding. Even though people can usually tell quickly whether or not they want to use our venue, there are some common questions that follow that decision:

How long have you been open?

We opened in July of 2004. We currently host almost 100 weddings per year in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Is the facility handicap accessible?

Yes. The entire first floor of the main building is handicap accessible. We even have an entirely accessible ceremony option, built with flagstone, in front of the building.

Will flowers be blooming on my wedding day?

While we can’t make any promises when it comes to flowers in bloom, we have quite a few hardworking gardeners and groundskeepers in-house who constantly keep up with the grounds and plants to ensure everything looks its best all year-round.

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Can I have my bridal portraits/engagement session at The Mill and is there a charge?

Yes, we allow the brides and couples who are getting married at The Mill to use the grounds and building for their bridal portraits and engagement sessions. There’s no charge for either one and the bride’s changing room is also available for prep.

Can I use outside vendors besides your preferred ones?

Yes. You’re welcome to stray from our preferred vendor list. The only thing you have to use us for is catering (food and alcohol).

Do we have use of the entire facility and grounds?

Yes. You have use of the entire 10-acre site and the entire building. You are not blocked off from using any portion during the ceremony or reception.

Event planning

The planning and implementation of your event’s activities is critical for a successful wedding. Here are some things to consider as you start to plan for your wedding:

Do you have an on-site coordinator?

Yes. Colleen and Stephanie make up our on-site coordinating team. If hired, they act as day-of coordinators that are available for your rehearsal and from 2 hours before your ceremony start time. While you’re not required to use our coordination team, we strongly recommend having someone coordinate your wedding!

What time should I have my ceremony?

The beauty of having flexibility with your ceremony start time is that you can make that decision based on what’s important to you. Some of the main factors that come into play are: Lighting (speak to your photographer for advice), time of year (temp and sunset), duration of reception and what time you’d like dinner to be.

About the food and beverages

The food and drink options at your wedding will certainly make an impression on your guests. Some venues offer limited types of food and drinks but The Mill is proud to offer customized food and beverage options. Some of the food & beverage questions we get include:

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Because we make all of our food from scratch, we can accommodate any type of dietary restriction–from vegetarian to gluten or dairy intolerance and even a black pepper or parsley intolerance! Just be sure to notify of the intolerance in advance.

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Why is there a range of menu pricing instead of set prices?

There is a range of menu pricing instead of set menus because each of our menus is created specifically for our couples. You get to join our menu meetings with an ideal price range and, after discussing what types of foods you like and what sort of feel you’re going for, we create the menu from the ground up. We take food very seriously and want your menu to reflect you and your family.

Do I have to pick a certain number of items from your beer and wine selection? Can I have something special brought in? Can I have a signature drink?

We keep our full selection of 15 wines, sparkling wines, and dry ciders, as well as our full selection of 8 local draft beers and 9 different bottled beers, available to your guests. You do not have to pare down our selection. However, if there is something special you’d like brought in for you or your guests, and as long as we can get it through our distributors, we’re happy to do it. Signature drinks are always welcome as well!

Other policies

Each venue you look at will have a different set of policies and restrictions. Here are a few questions our guests have asked us about ours:

What are the time restrictions for our event? Is there a “time-slot” we have to stay in? Are there any other weddings that will be happening the day of our wedding?

We never host more than one event per day. For Saturdays and Sundays, the site is exclusive to our couples on the day of their wedding from 11am to 11pm. You can start or end your event whenever you’d like. On Friday, the site is still available to you all day long but you can’t start your ceremony until 6pm to accommodate rehearsals. Because of this, Fridays are our least expensive day.

What happens when it rains?

In the event of inclement weather, your ceremony can be set up inside our main room at no additional charge. This decision is typically made at your rehearsal, but we can accommodate a change as late as 2 hours before the event. If a storm is coming through and you’d like to push your ceremony time back some to let it pass, you’re welcome to do that as well. If you’re flexible, we can be too!

Do you have any accommodations for overnight guests? If not, where do people typically stay?

The only option we (currently) have is the Miller’s Cottage–a two bedroom, 1 ½ bath cottage that can be used as a honeymoon suite. For the rest of your guests, we suggest the Short Pump area which is only 25 minutes away and has a range of amazing hotels such as the Hilton Short Pump and the Hyatt House.

Are children welcome to the ceremony and reception?

Yes, children are always welcome. We have a children’s room upstairs in the main building that is available any time. Some couples even hire baby sitters to take care of the children. Also, children under 7 years old do not have to be included in your final menu guest count. We simply make some pizzas for them at no charge.

Don’t let the details spoil your day

One of the reasons our guests love us so much is because we can take care of everything, allowing you, your friends and your family to enjoy your big day. Hopefully, this helped clear up some questions you had. If you have additional questions or you want to get more information on hosting a wedding at The Mill, please contact us today at 804-379-8211.