Bushel and a Peck

The heat of July is upon us here in Powhatan, the humidity weighing everyone down with its oppressive burden. It is the time of year that we both dread when working outdoors, but also anticipate, for summer is the beginning of a plentiful harvest.  We have watched joyfully as our ...Read more

Cottage Gossip

There have been a lot of murmurs thrown around about what is happening at The Mill at Fine Creek and we admit that we are guilty in perpetuating that gossip fodder by posting hints about the inn and tantalizing sneak peaks of the progress over at Fine Creek Brewing Company. ...Read more

Adelaide Hills Farm

As members of a strong community, we find it both exciting and essential to seek out and use as many local products as we can. By striving to bring our couples and their guests the best of what Virginia, Richmond, and Powhatan have to offer, we firmly believe your experience ...Read more

Springtime at The Mill

It is our favorite time of year here at The Mill; the earth is shaking off the last remnants of winter and dressing herself in the playful colors of spring. The sun is gaining strength in the sky, bringing its welcome warmth, and even the colorful blooms seem to rejoice. ...Read more

Common Questions For Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing the venue for your wedding can be overwhelming. It seems like there are a million things to think about. Even if you’re lucky enough to have help from friends and family, you’re still in a constant state of uncertainty–trying not to forget anything! Over the years, we’ve helped our ...Read more